Ruben’s Birth – A Surrogacy Story


The ones that are married.
The ones that are not.
The ones that are single and figuring it out all on their own.
The ones that are young.
The ones that are older than most and never imagined having children.
The ones that were done having kids but ended up with one (or two) more.
The ones that are two moms.
The ones that are two dads.
The ones that are newlyweds and it came much faster than anticipated.
The ones that tried for months before conceiving.
The ones that got pregnant right away.
The ones that had many losses before their rainbow baby.
The ones that used fertility treatments.
The ones that used donors.
The ones that adopted.
The ones that had their baby carried by another woman.

The beauty of parenthood is that no two journeys ever look the same. But this moment, when you hold your baby for the very first time, Makes every painful second of whatever journey you had all worth it.

On a cold Tuesday morning in December, the snow began to fall. And just before the sun rose, a very special little boy was born from a woman who made a selfless decision to give an amazing man and woman, who she had only met nine months prior, a chance to become parents.

The minutes before his birth there was a flurry of people and a little chaos. But the moment he entered the world, time stood still for just a moment as that beautiful new mother breathed in everything that was happening. She was overcome with emotions as the moment she had dreamed of – longed for – finally became a reality. Her baby boy was finally here. No longer a dream. No longer a wish. No longer a prayer. But hers.

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