a little rae of hope

What most don’t know is that I started in the photography business with the hopes of one day joining the team of Flashes of Hope. They are an organization that goes to hospitals across the US and do photo shoots for children in the hospital. In researching, I discovered that I needed to be an established business. So I needed to take a few steps back. I started stalking everyone I knew offering cheap sessions to build my client base and gain experience.

One of my first “clients” was the Wasson Family. Leah was a former  student of mine that was battling Leukemia  and I knew her parents would love a session.  After that, I got side tracked. Between pregnancy, teaching full time, and trying to start a business, my dream of working with Flashes of Hope was put on the back burner.

In June of 2013, sweet Leah relapsed. If you’ve followed my page for any length of time, you know her story. I text Leah’s mom and simply said, “I am so sorry. What can I do?”

Her response was simple, “Take our pictures.”

It was then that I knew I needed to do something. Something more for families in situations like the Wassons. But not just for children with cancer in the hospital. For anyone facing a life threatening illness.  For the young and old alike, and anyone in between.

So in memory of that sweet baby girl who lost her life all too soon, I finally fell upon the perfect tribute to her life, a little rae of hope. For those who need a snapshot to capture the love, joy, and hope in their lives so they can forget about the scary things going on, if only for a moment.

For more information about a little rae of hope and how to get involved, click here.

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